Mary Peragine has been in the salon business for about 15 years in the good old NYC. Mary has started her studies in New York City at The Wilfred Academy and has mastered her techniques by working under some of the most talented people in New York City and has continued her education in europe to extend her knowledge of the esthetic world. When Mary opened Fiber she wanted to create a beautiful old NYC charm mixed with a modern flare as if you were sitting in someone's living room getting your hair done with a beautiful crystal chandelier minus the snobby atmosphere. What makes Mary Peragine unique?  She is the master of dry cutting and she likes to cut as if she was sculpting, the purpose of her technique is to create movement and reduce weight in her haircuts so her client's haircut always flows. Mary prefers for her new clients to book a consultation so she can visualize what is best suited for her clients features and for her clients everyday life style.